Key Stage 5

Transition from Belvoir High school at age 16

There are any number of possible Post-16 destinations available to pupils and they are informed of these during Year 11. The Leicestershire pathway for most pupils would be to either the post-16 centre in Melton or, for a more vocational route, Brooksby Melton Colllege. Other popular, out-of-county, providers include Grantham College and New College in Nottingham.

The new, multi-million pound post-16 centre in Melton was finished in early 2011. In September 2011, ownership of the new centre will transfer to Belvoir High School which will also employ the staff and hold the registration of all its students. The Centre will be led and managed by Belvoir High School, in partnership with other local schools and colleges.

The role of the school’s Careers and Guidance officer, working in collaboration with the Connexions service, is to ensure that each pupil is fully aware of all the options available to them. Our aim is to ensure that every pupil is placed appropriately on a post-16 on a course, in training, or employment; as is right for that individual. 

In more detail, the main providers of education and training are:

  • MV16 (The Melton and Vale post-16 centre) :  This purpose built centre opened in 2011 under the leadership and management of Belvoir High School as part of a wider area partnership. The principal curriculum focus is on A and AS level courses but there will be a range of other courses; students and parents should consult the prospectus for details. The advantage of this pathway is the continuity for learners provided through the shared leadership across Belvoir High and MV16.
  • There are also other academic based providers in the area in Lincolnshire and Nottingham. Pupils will receive impartial advice and guidance to enable them to decide whether these institutions are appropriate for them and are supported when they both visit and apply.
  • There are a number of local FE colleges including Brooksby Melton, Grantham, Loughborough and Nottingham which provide vocational courses and apprenticeships