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SIMS AGORA - Online Payments

The Priory Belvoir Academy has an online payment system for parents called SIMS Agora. This system allows you to pay for various school related items, such as:

  • Academy Meals Cashless Catering Top-Up
  • Trips and Visits - Deposits and Payments
  • Revision Guides and Text Books
  • Other items for purchase will be added as the system is developed.

In order to use the system each parent requires their own Microsoft Account, which can be linked to an existing personal e-mail address (you do not need to have a Hotmail or Outlook E-mail Address to use the system). Details on how to sign-up for a Microsoft Account are included in the attached documents below.

Once you have your Microsoft Account you will also need an Activation Code which will be needed when you register with the SIMS Agora system. We will write to you and provide you with your activation code(s). You will recieve one activation code for each of your children at Priory Belvoir Academy, which will allow you to add them to your SIMS Agora Account. Activation Codes have an expiry date so it is important that you use them before the date expires which will be shown on the letter we send to you.

To access the system simply click on the SIMS Agora icon at the bottom of the page or browse to .

Once registered and activated you will be able to purchase items through the system.

Please note that the system sends e-mails to the account you specify when you sign up to complete the registration process, if you do not recieve them please check your Spam and Junk Folders.

Below are some documents which will assist you with signing up to the system, once we have sent you your activation codes:

Frequently Asked Questions about SIMS Agora